Who I Am

Idealist, Realist, Overall Audio Nerd.

Hello and welcome to my website!  You’ll find some cool info about me here so lets get started!

So a bit about me. I am a game audio designer based in Austin, TX. My career in games began upon arriving to Austin after finishing my studies in audio engineering and music composition.  Here I was introduced to the wonderfully creative community of game developers,  Realizing that I was a much better sound designer than I ever was a composer, it made sense to keep following this new passion i found. So I completely immersed myself into the wonderfully creative community of game developers in Austin, and soon after the global community. Because of this I was able to collaborating and employ my skills into games like The Stanley Parable, Apotheon, Neverending Nightmares, and many more. Each game I work on is its own creative adventure and I look forward to see how far these adventures will take me!