Who I Am

Dreamer, Doer, Game Audio Lover

I am happy to welcome you to my portfolio website.  You’ll find some interesting information about me.  I am the shit, let me blow you mind.

Eduardo Ortiz Frau is a game audio designer based in Austin, TX. His career in audio began from his love of music and the process of creating it. The exploration of this love brought him to the world of sound design for video games, and he found a calling. Surrounded by a wonderfully creative community of game developers in Austin, I’ve been able to collaborate and employ his skills into games like The Stanley Parable, Apotheon, Neverending Nightmares, and many more. Each game I work on is its own creative adventure and I look forward to see how far these adventures will take me! Educated in both music composition and audio engineering, let me make use of each sensibility to make art out of your game audio.